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Just a reminder that we would love to have all of you at [info]cliveowen_daily since this community here was abandoned a few years ago. We had to have our daily dose of Clive, so I started [info]cliveowen_daily earlier this year for all those who wanted to keep up to date with everything 'Clive Owen'. Hope to see you with us if you haven't migrated over yet. I had contacted the community maintainer here before starting my own, and she no longer comes to Live Journal and had forgotten her passwords, etc. (Just FYI). If you are still up for supporting Mr. Owen, I hope that you will join us! [info]cliveowen_daily[info]cliveowen_daily[info]cliveowen_daily [info]cliveowen_daily

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[001 | 044] Julie Benz
[045 | 046] David boreanaz & Emily Deschanel
[047 | 048]
David boreanaz & Christina Applegate
[049 | 093] David Boreanaz
[094 | 095] Clive Owen & Julia Roberts
[095 | 120] Clive Owen
[121 | 134] Kate Winslet
[135 | 144] Lauren Graham
[145 | 199] Chad Michael Murray


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Crown on blonde queen

New Clive Community

Please come join us over at the new [info]cliveowen_daily   community!

I have set it up and both asco_310  and sasha_b  are going to work with me in maintaining it. We hope to provide a much more active community in support of Clive with daily postings from the latest news to graphics and top quality images. I truly hope that all of you will follow us too. Basically, this community has gone un-moderated for over two years and I was unsuccessful in my attempt at gaining ownership (both filing an abandonment report through LJ and contacting the old moderator failed). So I chose to start a new community on my own. We are accepting affiliates and again, plan to bring you all the latest on Clive! So come on over!!