Cat (cat_o_wen) wrote in clive_daily,

Daily Image plus one new photo!

I have been overwhelmed by all the press for the premiere of The International! Wow. I'll be seeing the film this weekend and urge all of Clive's fans to come out in support of his latest release.
An old favorite:

And one new one

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These pictures are great. I saw several more from The International premieres at JustJared...I'm very tempted to hold just one more challenge with them. How could I not? Photobucket
I think you should!!! I am still weeding through all my Google Alerts *laughs* when I should be working on a design project. Ah well.

I have an idea about something and I'll send you a message shortly.
Omg that first one. GUH.
He certainly is the epitome of 'gorgeous' *g*
Cinema-goers have other opinion:
8.1 -
8.8 -

Perhaps, bad bankers have paid to journalists ))))