Cat (cat_o_wen) wrote in clive_daily,

New Clive Community

Please come join us over at the new [info]cliveowen_daily   community!

I have set it up and both asco_310  and sasha_b  are going to work with me in maintaining it. We hope to provide a much more active community in support of Clive with daily postings from the latest news to graphics and top quality images. I truly hope that all of you will follow us too. Basically, this community has gone un-moderated for over two years and I was unsuccessful in my attempt at gaining ownership (both filing an abandonment report through LJ and contacting the old moderator failed). So I chose to start a new community on my own. We are accepting affiliates and again, plan to bring you all the latest on Clive! So come on over!!
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Great idea, lessy! I am totally with you!!! :o)
Fabulous lui! I was hoping that you would jump over to the new community and post your beautiful graphics there!
I joined!
Oh fabulous! Thank you dear!
We talk about him but do we do anything to help him? Many know him when they see him but they don't know his name. What can we do besides saying he's handsome? 1. Go see and encourage others to see his movies. 2. Vote for him any time you can,like on's most attractive male, keep checking each week that starts on Tuesdays,etc. In other words support him in all ways and if you know where or how we can all help post it. I first learned about hellomagazine several years ago from and I check it (hellomagazine) every Tuesday
I agree of course and did post about voting for him in last month's hellomagazine competition over at the new community. Since this was an anonymous reply, I can't see if you have joined us at cliveowen_daily or not, but I hope that you have. It is where we are coming together to support Clive now as this community has been abandoned for years by its maintainer. I started the new one so that I could actively and visibly support Clive on a daily basis. Hope to see you there!