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Clive Owen Daily's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Clive Owen Daily

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CLIVE CHALLENGE! [07 Jan 2005|10:05am]
[ mood | amused ]

CHALLENGE: Pictures of Clive where he isn't in a suit for once! (Suit includes suit of armor as well!)

I'll have a swig of that, plz..Collapse )

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Hail to the king, baby ;) [07 Jan 2005|10:14am]
[ mood | flirty ]

I came to see your face so that I alone may find you on the battlefield. And it will be good of you to mark my face, Saxon, for the next time you see it, it will be the last thing you see on this earth.Collapse )

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[07 Jan 2005|10:34am]
I accept your challenge (for pics without a suit):

NOT WORKSAFE!!!Collapse )
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yumm [07 Jan 2005|11:44am]
i love himCollapse )
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Even when he's sulky, he's pretty.. [07 Jan 2005|02:15pm]
[ mood | cold ]

One more..Collapse )

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[07 Jan 2005|04:30pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

This one's not up to the Clive-out-of-a-suit challenge, but it's a fairly recent one that I haven't seen here yet...Collapse )

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