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Clive Owen Daily's Journal -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
Clive Owen Daily

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Favorite feature of Clive's. [18 Feb 2005|10:57am]
[ mood | excited ]

Hey, I thought I'd take a little poll to see what your favorite feature of Clive is.

His Eyes?
His Nose?
His Hair?....

Comment and share.

My favorite part of him is his eyes. And second would be his jaw.

"The sexiest part of the body is the eyes.
Corny, but that's what I believe.
They're what connect us as human beings."

- Clive Owen

here's a picture of both...swoooningCollapse )

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Clively wallpapers [18 Feb 2005|02:59pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I try to make new wallpapers of our beloved man regularly ...

... here are the work of the last weeks:

If you like to see the larger versions, please visit my wallpaper corner. :)

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Clively e-cards [18 Feb 2005|03:45pm]
For all, who want to share their Clive-passion with other people, I've created a nice e-card section!

Enjoy! :)
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