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Clive Banner [09 Apr 2005|11:42pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Because I am just the best person in the world, I'm going to share my own personal clive love with you all - my layout header.

snip snipCollapse )

it's too big for photobucket - so I recommend imageshack.us for those who don't have a paid livejournal. no hotlinking.

now, I actually spent a good hour or more on this blend, so please, credit me in your userinfo if you take it, and DON'T try and remove the "made with love by pumpernickelpip" - it's only small, and has low opacity, so it doesn't show up THAT much at all. =)

comment to let me know what you think/if you're taking. =)

oh and for those curious, the lyrics are from my "clive sex" song - wicked game, by Chris Isaak =P

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