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The hire [05 May 2005|08:19am]

I'll delete this if it's inappropriate but it's related to Clive, as it concerns The Hire series.

I don't know if anyone's interested, but here's a link to a page that has the MP3 for that beautiful song played in The Follow. The song is called "Mi Unicornio Azul". From what I've gathered, that particular version sung by Cecilia Noel was very difficult to locate online and download [the original is by Silvio Rodriguez which is widely available online and sounds very different]


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New. [05 May 2005|11:57am]
Hola! I have been watching this community for some time, but thought I would introduce my lunatic self. Nuts for the guy....

yep that about covers it!
(He makes me feel, and on occassion act, like a googly teenager.)
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Hey! [05 May 2005|01:57pm]
I'm a newbie here so I just wanted to say HI to everybody!??! I too am a self-confessed fan of him to the point of mass hysteria! After seeing him NAKED in Close My Eyes, I think I'll never imagine him with clothes on ever again!??! *drools*

anyhow, I was wondering if you guys have any mood themes dedicated to him that I could use! I promise to credit you, because my LJ right now is completely Clive-inspired, and I just need a mood theme to complement it! PLS!
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