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Clive Owen Talks About The International [11 Feb 2009|09:30am]
Clive 2

"It's a paranoid political thriller."

Click HERE to read the full interview.
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New Clive Community [11 Feb 2009|02:40pm]
Please come join us over at the new [info]cliveowen_daily   community!

I have set it up and both asco_310  and sasha_b  are going to work with me in maintaining it. We hope to provide a much more active community in support of Clive with daily postings from the latest news to graphics and top quality images. I truly hope that all of you will follow us too. Basically, this community has gone un-moderated for over two years and I was unsuccessful in my attempt at gaining ownership (both filing an abandonment report through LJ and contacting the old moderator failed). So I chose to start a new community on my own. We are accepting affiliates and again, plan to bring you all the latest on Clive! So come on over!!
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