Teh Danerz (pyrcedgrrl) wrote in clive_daily,
Teh Danerz

Hello All.... (x-posted)

I had heard about the BMW short films featuring Clive Owen, but finally got around to downloading and viewing them. If you have not seen them yet, they can be found here:

The Hire - BMW Films

I was very impressed with the films (especially the last one, which had me laughing hysterically @ the end) soooo.. there is also an option to order ALL 8 short films on DVD for only the cost of shipping ($3.75 + tax..mine came to $4.06)

Definately worth a look-see.

Oh, P.S.: I finally got my copy of Esquire... and noticed that Mr. Owen is on the cover of both Entertainment Weekly (which I obtained for my sister's b/f, scanned & posted yesterday) AND Esquire in the same month. :)
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