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clive_daily's Journal

Clive Owen Daily
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Welcome to Clive Daily!

This is the spot for pictoral fixes of our man, Clive Owen. He's been around for awhile, but people are finally starting to notice him, thanks to King Arthur and, more recently, Closer.


  1. This is a PICTURE community. Posting little news tidbits here and there is fine, but to make it legal, include an image as well.
  2. Please, DO NOT hotlink pictures. Upload them to your own webserver. PHOTOBUCKET is a great FREE image hosting service that allows direct linking of images.
  3. Be nice to dial-uppers and put fatty images behind an LJ-CUT, thank you. Non-work safe images should go behind cuts as well. Some people, such as myself, have jobs. While I don't mind the booty, I think my boss might mind.
  4. No talking about nasty flame-throwing rumors or things that aren't verified. No bashing his family, etc. Be nice.
  5. Oh yea, and be nice to your fellow members as well.

If you have any questions, let me (wizzbiff) know! Thank you!

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